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Fiddlers Ferry 2016 Gallery.


Several more pictures taken during the 2016 visit to Fiddlers Ferry.

All photographs by Doug Birmingham.

Up close with one of the vast cooling towers on the site. Water can be seen streaming down the inside of the tower helping to condense the waste steam produced.

Looking towards the main connection with Network Rail. The line, to the right, is the single line reception road from the main line with the two roads nearest, to the left, are the twin departure roads. The disc signals that can be seen, far left, control the limestone/gypsum roads.

Looking towards Fidlers Ferry signal box with the two departure roads, left, and the arrival road, right.

Looking from the control room of the Coal Bunker over the, much diminished, coal stockpile.

A view of the Gas Turbine House as the station can be run on either gas or coal.

The Coal Bunker compound with its various loading towers and conveyor belts
to supply the station.

A view between the Generating Houses.

Our thanks are extended to SSE, Merril and her colleagues for an enjoyable visit.

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