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The Ferry Go Round on the Low Level Line.
20th October 2012.

Text by Paul Wright.

The Ferry Go Round at Carterhouse Jct with 66095 leading and 66197
bringing up the rear.
Photo by Terry Callaghan.

On the 20th October the Ferry Go Round railtour, a charter run by UK Rail Tours, passed through the local area. Originating at St Albans the train consisted of twelve coaches that were top and tailed by Class 66 locomotives numbers 66197 and 66095. The tour had a scheduled pick up at Crewe where 8D Association members and DBS driver John Wilson took the controls.

8D Treasurer Lee Woods takes a picture of 8D member Terry Callaghan at 
Carterhouse Jct.
Photo by Terry Callaghan.

With 66095 now at the rear of the train it passes the site of Sankey Bridges station.
Photo by Robert Callaghan.

Departing from Crewe at 10:19 the train travelled to Ditton. From Ditton the train headed to Latchford. As the train passed the site of Widnes South Station and Widnes Locomotive Depot (8D) it made a salute by way of sounding its horn repeatedly. From Latchford the train ran back along the low level line to Fiddlers Ferry Power Station. Where it was observed by a group of 8D members invited to the power station especially for the event. It travelled around the loop and through the unloading bunker.

Rounding the northern part of the loop en route to the coal discharge plant.
Passengers were required to remain seated during the passage through the 
power station and all windows had to remain closed. Perhaps more 
importantly the toilets could not be used.
Photo by Tony Foster.

A great close up shot of our very own John Wilson at the controls of 66197.
Photo by Tony Foster.

The tour now crosses the Mersey to enter Latchford sidings.
Photo by Terry Callaghan.

It then returned to Latchford sidings. From Latchford it ran through Arpley and up to Walton where it joined the West Coast Main Line running down to Hartford where it took the chord to Northwich. The tour then continued on via Skelton Junction, Northenden Junction and Hazel Grove to Sheffield and onwards to another power station Ferrybridge.

Latchford sidings looking east. The Ferry Go Round visited this location twice.
On the original 1853 line an Ellesmere Port to Fiddlers Ferry coal
train was waiting to depart.
Photo by Robert Callaghan.

I was on the train from Crewe and what was amazing was the turn out from 8D members all along the line, including the group who were inside the power station as guests. 

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