The 8D Association

8D area Signal Boxes.

Signal Boxes on this page are those not listed on the individual line sections on this website.

Garston Junction Signal Box. A LNWR box built in 1908. Was subjected to Arson in July 2002 and demolished in 2006. 23rd April 1990. Copyright: Doug Birmingham.

Garston Church Road Signal Box. Originally a LNWR type 5 box built in 1906 and closed 13 June 1993. At that time it was controlling the trains in and out of the nearby Freightliner Terminal. 23rd April 1990. Copyright: Doug Birmingham ( For further information on the box, see here )

Stanlow and Thornton Signal Box, located bewteen Helsby and Ellesmere Port. LMS built and opened in 1941. Officially closed on 11 February 2008 although had been switched out since August 2005. June 1992. Copyright: Doug Birmingham.

Ellesmere Port No 4 Signal Box, located on the Helsby to Hooton line. Opened in 1972 and built on the original base of No 4. There were 5 Signal Boxes serving Ellesmere Port and this is the remaining one. April 2013. Copyright: Doug Birmingham

As time permits we will try to compile a photographic record of all the boxes within the 8D area.
If you have any pictures you would wish to share please send them to '8d.association at' they will be fully credited and added to our historic record.

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