The 8D Association

8D area Signal Boxes.

Signal Boxes are listed on the individual pages according to which line they are on.

Widnes No7 box was situated at the east end of the westbound platform of Widnes South 
station. The remaining portion of the platform is visible in the distance.
January 1982.
Photo by John Mann.

The original Widnes East box complete with signalman at the window. The box was due
for demolition with the opening of a new LM15 box close by. Widnes East controlled
the eastern junction between the CLC and the GC & MR joint.
Photo by Gordon Howarth. 

As time permits we will try to compile a photographic record of all the boxes within the 8D area.
If you have any pictures you would wish to share please send them to they
will be fully credited and added to our historic record.

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