The 8D Association

The 8D Association now has its own dedicated Flickr account, the aim of which is to amass all material donated to the group which can be accessed and downloaded my the members. 

All you will need to access this material is to be a member of Flickr the photo sharing site. Membership is free with registration taking just a few minutes. 

The Sign Up page for Flickr can be found here and looks like this:-

You can use an existing e-mail address or alternatively create a new Yahoo one.

Once created or if you are a member of Flickr already please go to 8D on Flickr

Once on the 8d Photostream click the Follow button and then send the Association a Flickr Mail by clicking on the Bell icon in the top right of the screen. Please state your name and membership number in your mail and the 8D Photostream will follow you back. Once this is complete you will be able to download any photos from the Photostream. This process allows us to control who can and cannot download hi-resolution images from the archive.

Once a member of Flickr you can also view the 8D Association Group, which has been running for over 3 years now and contains over 4,000 photographs
from Flickr members. 
8D Flickr Group

We do hope you take the opportunity of joining and enjoy the photographs, comments and discussions.

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