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Liverpool and Manchester Railway (LNWR).

A selection of images along the line from Liverpool Lime Street to Parkside Junction.

37 604 arrives with Network Rails 2Q88 09:00 Longsight to Baguely Fold into Liverpool Lime Street. Since the roof has been refurbished the station has once again become light and airy.
30th July 2011. Photo: The late Stuart Daniels.
To view Stuart's excellent and extensive Flickr photostream click here.

58 042 Ironbridge Power Station prepares to depart for Aintree with a Pathfinders Railtour.
27th June 1987. Photo by Terry Callaghan.

An interesting scene taken in August 1986 when loco hauled passenger trains were still an everyday regular occurence. From right to left, 31443 on 1E34 to Sheffield, 47367 on 1E82 to Scarborough and 47619 on 1P06 to Preston. Copyright: Doug Birmingham

Lime Street Station in May 1988 and provides an interesting train line up. In view is 304010, 85025, 156411, 142064, 47366 and 150254. This view has now changed again after the upgrade of the station was completed in 2019. Copyright: Doug Birmingham

A view taken from Picton Road bridge over looking Edge Hill Station and Goods Warehouse as BR Standard Five, No 73093 heads east towards Manchester on what is probably a Class Two passenger train. Image taken 26 April 1957. Copyright: The late J.A. Peden.

The classic shot at Olive Mount with 66708 working 4Z70 16:22 Tuebrook Sidings and 60015 awaiting the road with 6E14 16:10 Seaforth to Tinsley.  6th July 2013. Photo: The late Stuart Daniels.
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DBS liveried 60 010 approaches Broadgreen Station with 6M08 08:52 Liverpool Bulk Terminal to Warrington Arpley .6th June 2013. Photo by the late Stuart Daniels.
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In Railfreight grey livery, Class 47, No 47331 passes Huyton Station with a ballast train ex Tuebrook Sidings. In the background is Huyton Signal Box which has now been consigned to history. 27th September 1984. Copyright: Doug Birmingham

If you look on the 'stations' section and compare this image with the one there, and almost taken from the same spot, a lot has changed although the main station building still exists.  Northern Class 331, No 331007 awaits to depart for Liverpool Lime Street. 12th March 2020. Copyright: Doug Birmingham.

A general view of Huyton Quarry Signal Box and sidings taken in 1968. The tracks on the left ultimately led onto the Willis Branch to Cronton Colliery. The connection is just at the end of the two left hand side sidings. Photograph by the late J.A.Peden.

DRS livery, No 37603 approaches Whiston with 1Q14 12:53 Wigan North Western to Ince Moss Junction Network Rail train. 30th April 2013.  Photo by the late Stuart Daniels.
To view more of Stuart's excellent and extensive Flickr photostream click here.

Rainhill Station just before the erection of the electric wires and masts as two Northern Class 150's led by 150210 depart with 2J26 to Manchester Victoria. 12 June 2014. Copyright: Doug Birmingham

Looking east from the footbridge at Rainhill Station, the crowds which turned out for the 15 Guinea Special to mark the end of steam operation on British Railways. 11th August 1968.  Photo by Richard Mercer.

Approaching the site of the original Lea Green Station, Virgin 'Thunderbird' Class 57, No 57311 'Parker' on 1A39 11.15hrs Liverpool Lime St - London Euston diverted West Coast train. The old station had staggered platforms with the down side on the left hand side with the up platform on the other side of the road bridge. 20 February 2005. Copyright: Doug Birmingham

Passing under Lea Green Road bridge, BR Class 40, No 40135 approaches the site of the up platform of the station with the Edge Hill to Redbank empty paper train.  On the left is the commemoration sign to celebrate the location of the 1829 locomotive trials at Rainhill. 14th March 1984. Copyright: Doug Birmingham 

A refurbished 'Northern' Class 319, No 319377 arrives at the 'new' Lea Green Station with 2V04 to Manchester Victoria. 25th June 2018. Copyright: Doug Birmingham

The unique Trans Pennine liveried Class 47, No 47475 approaches the Intersection Bridge at Marshall Cross in 1989 with a uniform rake of stock heading to the East Coast. Photo: Terry Callaghan

The west end of St Helens Junction, taken in 1970. Copyright: The late J.A. Sommerfield

Taken in 1989, Class 47, No 47488 'Rail Riders' slows for the stop at St Helens Junction station with a Newcastle bound service. The fresh ballast to the rear of the train a where the junction to St Helens Central had recently been removed. Photo by Terry Callaghan.


Taken off the footbridge at St Helens Junction Station, BR Class 47, No 47097 slows for the junction with an Oakamoor to Ravenhead sand train. In the background is Bold Colliery and the Power Station which nowadays is a residential housing estate. 28 June 1985. Copyright: Doug Birmingham

Approaching Broad Lane bridge at Collins Green is BR Class 47, No 47376 on 1E79 Liverpool Lime Street to Scarborough 'trans pennine'. On the left background is Bold Colliery and the spoil heaps. 11th August 1985. Copyright: Doug Birmingham

On a late summer evening BR 'Peak' Class, No 45139 passes the site of Collins Green Station with 1M75 'trans pennine' to Liverpool Lime St Station. 28th August 1985. Copyright: Doug Birmingham

Class 142, No 142067 in GMPTE livery departs from Earlestown Station with a Warrington Bank Quay to Liverpool Lime St train. The Class 142 will take the main line at Earlestown West Junction which is approx 800 yds behind the photographer. 1st September 2002. Copyright: Doug Birmingham

Taken in 1990, Class 87, No 87015 'Howard of Effingham' hauls a diverted West Coast working via the original route of the Anglo Scottish expresses at Newton le Willows, before the opening of the line via Red Bank. The reason for this working was Overhead Line problems between Winwick Junction and Golbourne. Photo by Terry Callaghan.

Heading away from Parkside towards Manchester, in new Trans Pennine Express livery, Class 350 emu, No 350401 on 1M96 ex Edinburgh. 29th November 2017. Copyright: Doug Birmingham 

Approaching Parkside Junction, GBRf Class 66, No 66750 is noted on 4M37 Drax to Liverpool Biomass Terminal empty IIA bogie hoppers. 29 November 2017. Copyright: Doug Birmingham.

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