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The LUR and LNWR - Huyton Junction to Wigan line in Pictures

The Association is looking for pre 1980 images of the stations on this line, the earlier the better. If you have any, we would be delighted to see them and with permission, may include them on this particular section. Please use the 'contact us' facility on ths website. Thank You. 

With the signals for Huyton Junction in the background, RES livery Class 47, No 47543 heads 09.07hrs Liverpool Lime St to Edinburgh as the train approaches Longview Drive bridge, Huyton. 13th August 1993. Copyright: Doug Birmingham

With Prescot in the background, approaching Longview Road bridge, Huyton, Inter City livery Class 47, No 47817 hauls dead Class 86, No 86243 'The Boys Brigade' on 14.22hrs Edinburgh to Liverpool Lime St train. At this time the Class 86 usually hauled the train as far as Preston with the Class 47 being attached there for the final leg of the journey as not under the wires. 28th April 1993. Copyright: Doug Birmingham

Just departed Prescot Station and approaching Manchester Road bridge, WYMTE 'Metro' livery Class 158, No 158907 heads the 17.18hrs Wigan NW to Liverpool Lime St train, next stop Huyton. 13th May 1992. Copyright: Doug Birmingham.

BR Class 108 DMU, Car No's M53980 & M54256 passes the site of the old BICC railway sidings as it approaches Warrington Road bridge on 09.07hrs Liverpool Lime St to Preston train. In the background is Prescot Signal Box and Station. 27th April 1991. Copyright: Doug Birmingham.

Keeping the power on, RES Class 47, No 47775 heads 09.07hrs Liverpool Lime St to Edinburgh train, approaching Scholes Cutting and Tunnel with next stop being St Helens Central. In the background, just beyond the bridge is Eccleston Park Station. 28th May 1994. Copyright: Doug Birmingham

Dominated in the background by Pilkington Ravenhead Works, Class 142 'Pacer' dmu, No 142030 runs along side Ravenhead Road with its next stop being Thatto Heath station on 17.18hrs St Helens Central to Liverpool Lime St train. The area to the left was part of the old works and along with the tower and cradles, this area has been completed redeveloped. 19th May 1995. Copyright: Doug Birmingham

A Provincial livery Class 142 'Pacer' dmu passes 'The Hotties' in St Helens Town Centre with a Wigan NW to Liverpool LIme St train. 'The Hotties' is a dammed part of the Sankey Canal which was used by Pilkington Glass to use the cool water for their glass making process and was returned 'hot' via various sprays. In consequence the water temperture was raised and it became a popular spot for the local fisherman. 13th August 1996. Copyright: Doug Birmingham

A view taken from the end of the platform at St Helens Shaw Street Station overlooking St Helens Junction with the line to Prescot going to the right whilst a Class 40 with hoppers in tow is on the line from Ravenhead awaits to gain the Wigan line. St Helens No 3 Signal Box is seen just beyond the bridge. Taken in 1969. Copyright: John Pownall

Passing St Helens Signal Box, Class 47, No 47808 is about to arrive at St Helens Central Station with 14.28hrs Edinburgh to LIverpool Lime St 'inter city' train. 19th June 1992. Copyright: Doug Birmingham.

A view of the east side of St Helens Goods Yard sidings and still being used albeit for ballast and spoil trains. On this occasion, the two Class 56's in view, new No 56131 and No 56018 had arrived to collect a bogie tank as seen in the background but No 56018 got derailed which led to the appearance of Class 47, No 47068 arriving with the breakdown train as seen centre of image. On the right background you are able to make out St Helens Signal Box and Shaw Street Station were a DMU is about to depart for Wigan. 24th May 1984. Copyright: Doug Birmingham.

A good general view of St Helens Goods Yard taken from Standish Street bridge as the Goods Warehouse and sidings are intact and still being used. In this view BR Class 20's, No 20212 and 20211 depart with a ballast train heading towards Wigan. In the background there are a variety of wagons including 16T mineral wagon and 12T box vans. 12th July 1984. Copyright: Doug Birmingham 

Passing Pocket Nook, BR Class 31, No 31107 in Civil Engineers livery hauls 6T69 to Arpley Sidings 'Tanks'. The train had come from Hayes Chemicals at Peasley Cross on the Ravenhead Branch and just come under Standish Street bridge. The line to the left is the connection to the east sidings. 11th April 1992. Copyright: Doug Birmingham

A 'Northern' Class 319, No 319379 crosses Carr Mill Viaduct on 2N99, 17.09hrs Liverpool Lime St to Preston train. THis location is next to Carr Mill Dam, which is the county's largest inland body of water and has a railway connection as the LNWR enlarge the dam while developing the railway system in the area. 22nd July 2019. Copyright: Doug Birmingham

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