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The LUR / LNWR (Huyton Junction to Wigan) Stations

There have been seven stations on this line with five still in use to this day and are listed below.

The Association is looking for pre 1985 images of the stations on this line, the earlier the better. If you have any, we would be delighted to see them and with permission, may include them on this particular section. Please use the 'contact' facility on ths website. Thank You. 


A general view of Prescot Station showing the ex LNWR Station building complete with canopy which thankfully remained after the electrification of the line in 2015. Remainder of the station including footbridge has changed considerably, note the 'bus shelter' as a waiting area on the up platform. Seen departing, is a Class 319, No 319383 on 1N85 Liverpool Lime Street to Preston train. 28th March 2017. Copyright: Doug Birmingham

Eccleston Park

Passing the original LNWR booking office at Eccleston Park Station, ex LMS 'Coronation' class, No 6233 'Duchess of Sutherland' in LMS black livery heads a Carlisle to Liverpool Lime Street railtour on 24th July 2010. No (4)6233 was a former Edge Hill (8A) MPD locomotive were she was based there during the early 1960's and she would pass the site of the shed on her final approach to Lime Street cutting. Copyright: Doug Birmingham 

Thatto Heath

Northern Class 319, No 319385 arrives at Thatto Heath Station with 1F01 Blackpool North to Liverpool Lime Street train on 9th June 2019. This station is built on a curve and has been chnaged quite abit compared with yesteryear. Copyright: Doug Birmingham

St Helens Shaw Street (St Helens Central)

A view of St Helens Shaw Street Station from the Parr Street end on the down platform with the station canopies and bay platforms still in situation. Taken in December 1958. Photographer unknown. (Photo reproduced by permission of St Helens MBC Libraries Local History & Archives Section). 

Taken from Parr Street road bridge and over looking the junction with the former SH&RG Ravenhead line, Class 47, No 47808 departs from St Helens Central station with 14.22hrs Edinburgh to Liverpool Lime St cross country train. The modern station buildings are from the early 1960's when the station was rebuilt. At this stage, although long out of use, the platform for the Ravenhead line was still in place. 9th June 1992. Copyright: Doug Birmingham

A view of the new station from Corporation Street road bridge, north end of the station and now totally unrecognisable compared with the 1958 image above. A Northern Trains Class 150, No 150139 arrives with a Liverpool Lime Street to Wigan North Western trains. 1st October 2013. Copyright: Doug Birmingham  

Geralds Bridge

This station was opened by the St Helens Canal & Railway Company in February 1858 and was on the St Helens Shaw Street to Rainford line, therefore not technically on the line to Wigan. However, it was located just north of Geralds Bridge Junction which was the connection to Wigan and built before the junction was constructed in 1869. The station was closed by LNWR in August 1905 and no trace of the station remains. (For further information, see Disused Stations website) 

Carr Mill

Opened by the LNWR in January 1896 and closed by them in January 1917 as a wartime economy. It was located near to Woodlands Road by the East Lancashire A580 road. Currently 'Merseytravel' do have proposals to reopen the station but still awaiting funds. (For further information, see Disused Stations website) 


BR Class 37, No 37416 in mainline livery arrives at Garswood Station with 10.37hrs Liverpool Lime St to Blackpool North 'Regional Railways' train. At this time part of the original station building was still in use but eventully made way for a more modern facility. 14th May 1992. Copyright: Doug Birmingham

Arriving at Garswood Station is Northern Rail Class 319, No 319380 on 1N88 Liverpool Lime St to Preston train. Compare with the previous image, the line has now been electrified with the original station building on the right (down line) has now been demolished and replaced by a more modern single storey building. Fortunately, the building on up line still remains intact. 12th October 2016. Copyright: Doug Birmingham


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For further information on closed stations, please see 'Disused Stations'

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