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The LNWR Widnes Deviation in pictures.

We have an ever expanding collection of photographs on the Deviation line with new photographs and ones not used on the main page shown here.

Starting from Widnes West Deviation signal box we work our way along this short line to Carterhouse Junction signal box.

A pair of Class 37 locos coming off the Deviation line at Widnes West Junction they will now join the original Garston extension line and head under the West Coast Main Line Liverpool Branch before arriving at Ditton Junction. Unknown Date.  Photo by Peter Sherlock.

A cracking shot of 48322 as it runs onto the deviation line at Widnes West  with a train of empty mineral wagons. To the left is Hutchison Street Goods yard. Early 1968. Photo by Les Fifoot.

Riddles Standard Class 5, No 73050 is seen heading down the Western section of the Deviation with a train load of 16t mineral wagons. 73050 was delivered new to Bath Green Park depot in April 1954 the loco lasted just over 14 years in traffic being withdrawn from Fleetwood in June 1968. The loco was subsequently preserved and is now an operational loco at the Nene Valley Railway it carries the name City of Peterborough. April 1967. Photo by Les Fifoot.

Taken in 1968, a triple headed light loco movement starting the ascent up to Widnes South station from West Deviation probably working back to Heaton Mesey depot. The diesel shunter to the left was working the Hutchinson Street yard adjacent to the Deviation line.  Photo by Les Fifoot.

B.R. Standard '9F' gains the Deviation line at Widnes West running light engine towards Warrington. New to traffic on 31st October 1954 tto Wellingborough depot the loco was withdrawn in June 1967 and cut up by Motherwell Machinery and Scrap, Wishaw in January 1968.  Photo by Les Fifoot.

A view taken in June 1997, in Regional Railways livery, Class 31, No 31439 just passes underneath the A533 road bridges and the location of Widnes West Junction with 6F81 Runcorn Folly Lane to Arpley Sidings 'Salt' train. In the foreground is the trackbed for Hutchinson Street Yard. Copyright: Doug Birmingham

Descending the bank from Widnes South is 66215 on 6F37 13.32hrs Arpley Sidngs to Ditton Foundry Lane 'Paper' as it approaches Widnes West Deviation. To the right of the train is now rather overgrown remains of the once busy yard at Hutchinson Street which has now completely disappeared with the new road crossing the site for the Mersey Gateway bridge. July 2004. Copyright: Doug Birmingham.  

Another Stanier 8F 2-8-0 descends the bank from Widnes South with a train load of vans.
April 1968.  Photo by Les Fifoot.

A B.R. Standard 9F 2-10-0 viewed in 1967 from the east end of Hutchinson Street yard just after crossing the bridge over Victoria Road travelling light engine towards Ditton.  Photo by Les Fifoot.

Class 20's, No 20094 and 20059 passing the site of Widnes South station after passing Carterhouse Junctions distant signal on 1Z17 'Mersey-Weaver' Pathfinder railtour.  You are able to see the remains of both platforms of the old station. March 1992. Copyright: Doug Birmingham.  

Taken in 1977, a split headcode Class 40 approaching Widnes South station with the Earles Sidings to Hutchison Street cement working. The tankers would then be tripped back along the deviation line but would take the connection visible at the rear of the loco along the ex SH & RGR line reversing at Widnes No1 box and into Tanhouse Yard. This working would end with a new connection with the deviation line controlled by the nearby Carterhouse Junction box and allow the closure of the southern end of the ex SH & RGR.  Photo by Paul Wright.

60 049 is pictured at the same location with a empty MGR train from Fiddlers Ferry Power station to Liverpool Bulk Terminal. 1997.  Photo by Terry Callaghan.

Also pictured passing through the station light engine is 40 145. This loco was delivered new as D345 to Neville Hill depot on 17th May 1961 and was renumbered 40 145 in the 1973 TOPS scheme. The loco was withdrawn on 10th June 1983 and was subsequently preserved by the Class 40 preservation Society. The loco was registered for main line duties and has had a successful number of railtours. At present it is being overhauled by Harry Needle Railroad Company but should be back out on the main line soon.  12th July 2003. Photo by John Wilson.

60 005 Skiddaw approaching the junction for Tanhouse Yard with a Liverpool Bulk Terminal to Fiddlers Ferry Power station MGR working. The connection with Tanhouse Yard was removed following the closure of the Blue Circle Cement terminal in Tanhouse Lane. 1998.  Photo by Terry Callaghan.

With the trackbed of the former entrance from the Deviation to Tanhouse Yard in the foreground Network Rail unit 950001 passes with a Liverpool Lime Street to Latchford sidings working.  26th October 2012.  Photo by Paul Wright.

Departing the line at Tanhouse Lane, Class 56, No 56029 with 6E33 14.00hrs to Earles Sidings e/cement train enters the up goods main line before crossing over to the down goods and onward to Ditton to run round. To th eright of the train is Fidlers Ferry Power Station. June 1995. Copyright: Doug Birmingham. 

Approaching Tanhouse Lane Junction, Class 60, N0 60095 on 6F79 Fidlers Ferry Power Station to Liverpool Bulk Terminal e/jna wagons. In this view, Its origination point is seen to the left and just above the third wagon, you are able to make out Carterhouse Junction Signal Box. May 2004. Copyright: Doug Birmingham

BR Standard 9F 2-10-0 92218 hauling a railtour onto the Deviation line at Carterhouse Junction.To be compared with the next two pictures. 1968.  Photo by Les Fifoot.

Compare this image with the above one taken by Les Fifoot, both taken from Carterhouse Signal Box and how the view has changed. Class 60, No 60008 approaches the box with 7F82 Liverpool Bulk Terminal to Fidlers Ferry Power Station mgr. January 2001. Copyright: Doug Birmingham

66 095 at the head of the Ferry Go Round railtour coming off the Deviation line at the eastern end at Carterhouse Junction. 8D member and contributor to the site John Wilson was at the controls for the run and several members of 8D were also passengers on the train. See the Ferry Go Round Feature on the Site Visits 2012 page. 20th October 2012. Photo by Robert Callaghan.

Running along side the St Helens Canal, Class 60, No 60019 passes Carterhouse Junction Signal Box with 6P79 Fidlers Ferry Power Station to Liverpool Bulk Terminal e/mgr.  June 1997. Copyright: Doug Birmingham

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