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LNWR Liverpool Lime Street to Speke Junction in pictures

Below is a small selection of pictures from what we have available to the association but we would welcome pictures covering this line especially of the stations and signal boxes especially from the steam days. 

BR Std Class 7P, No 70004 'William Shakespeare' coming off the turntable at Liverpool Lime Street Station. The loco was on the LCGB 'The Fellsman' Railtour , hauling the Lime Street - St Helens Shaw St - Preston - Carnforth leg of the tour. 4th June 1966. 4th June 1966. Photo by Brian Taylor.

Passing Lime Street signal box, Edge Hill (8A) 'Jinty' No 47336 departs with an empty coach stock working to Edge Hill Carriage Sidings. 14th July 1962. Photo by John Corkill. (To see more of John's images, see: 'The Lads from Liverpool' Book with Peter Hanson, published by Silver Link Publishing)

Trans Pennine livery Class 68, No 68019 'Brutus' departs with 0K22 11.10hrs Lime Street - Crewe 'L/E Training' from the new Platform Seven (& Eight) under the South train shed roof. The location of these lines are were the Taxi / Mail road was and in consequence increase the number of platforms to ten. 18th November 2018. Copyright: Doug Birmingham

Coming out of Lime Street Cutting and into Edge Hill Station, BR 'Black 5' No 45059 heads a Class One train which will probably pass the loco's home shed, Speke Junction (8C) on 2nd May 1965. Photo by John Corkill. 

In BR Large Logo livery, Class 47, No 47635 passes Edge Hill Station (platform four) with 10.20hrs Newcastle to Lime Street trans pennine with the train having taken the CLC route. In the foreground is the site of the old carriage shed. 12th January 1991. Copyright: Doug Birmingham

New Class 90, No 90005 in Edge Hill Carriage Sidings about to drop on 5 Mk 1 coaches in preparation for a test run to and from Crewe. Taken from the closed main goods line, in the foreground is the former sidings for Edge Hill Diesel Depot (EG) and the former site of the high level coal loading facility. 6th August 1988. Copyright: Doug Birmingham.

Coming under the main goods line and heading to Wavertree Junction, English Electric Prototype 'Deltic' puts on the power with a Liverpool Lime Street to London Euston express. 12th October 1957. Photograph by the late Jim Peden.

BR 'Black 5' No 45346 on an Up empty goods train having pass the site of Sefton Park Station and on the approach to Mossley Hill Station. 19th Septemeber 1961. Photo by the late Michael Mensing. 

On the up slow line, BR Class 40, No 40168 passes under the bridge at Mossley Hill Station with a Aintree Container Terminal to Crewe BH 'freightliner'. Clearly the Class 40 is not in the best state looking at the exhaust drifting out. 7th June 1984. Copyright: Doug Birmingham

Passing through Mossley Hill Station on the down fast line, Class 86, No 86232 heads an afternoon London Euston to Liverpool Lime Street 'inter city' train. 14th June 1988. Copyright: Doug Birmingham.

A fascinating view which assume taken from a long gone footbridge, Mossley Hill Station is beyond the bridge in the background, English Electric Prototype (and unique) 'Deltic' heads a Liverpool Lime Street to London Euston express. Also of interest is the goods line that led into station sidings for the goods warehouse and beyond the bridge r/h/s is the outline of Mossley Hill Signal Box(?). 1st May 1958. Photograph by the late J.A. Peden. 

A Virgin Class 390 'Pendolino' approaching West Allerton Station on 1A40, 13.47hrs Liverpool Lime St to London Euston train. This is only a few hundred yards further on from the 'Deltic' image above but how things have changed. 15th March 2017. Copyright: Doug Birmingham.

A GMPTE livery Class 142, No 142002 arrives at West Allerton Station on a Lime Street to Warrington Central train, while a Driving Van Trailer (DVT), No 82126 leads an Inter City train to London Euston on the Up fast line. 27th July 1996. Copyright: Doug Birmingham.

Approaching West Allerton Station on the down fast line, Class 323 , No 323221 with a Centro Trains Birmingham New Street to Liverpool Lime Street train. 9th May 1998. Copyright: Doug Birmingham.  

Approaching Allerton Station, Class 87, No 87008 'City of Liverpool' on 12.59hrs Liverpool Lime St to Coventry train. 15th January 1991. Copyright: Doug Birmingham.

On the down slow, heading for Speke Junction and passing its home shed at the time, BR 8f No 48373 passes Allerton Station with a mix goods train. 27th March 1957. Photograph by the late J.A.Peden.

Taken from the footbridge over looking Allerton East Junction. BR 'Jubilee' No 45557 'New Brunswick' with a Fowler tender heads a short five coach train on the Up fast line. In the background, a Goods train is passing Allerton Station, to the right is Allerton JUnction Signal Box and on the CLC line, is what looks like a WD 2-8-0 locomotive. 25th September 1955. Photograph by the late J.A.Peden.


Passing under the long gone footbridge at Allerton East Junction, BR 'Royal Scot' No 46110 'Grenadier Guardsman' is on the Up 'Manxman' complete with headboard. To the left, you are abe to see the lines going off to head to Garston Docks and in the background is Allerton Station. 3rd July 1954. Photograph by the late J.A.Peden.

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