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LNWR Canada Dock Branch Line in pictures

(Edge Lane Junction to Atlantic Dock Junction)

Taken winter, mid 1960's, a view taken from Pighue Lane bridge, 'Black 5', No 45005 makes hard work of its mixed goods train as it passes Pighue Lane Junction Box and approaches Edge Lane Junction. In the background is Olive Mount Tunnel which links the line to the L&M Route. Photographer unknown.

A view of Edge Lane Junction and signal box. The line to the left goes to Olive Mount Tunnel, while the line to the right heads for Bootle Branch Junction. 15th August 1969. Photograph by J.A.Sommerfield. 

Edge Lane Junction as from Pighue Lane bridge with Class 60, No 60001 takes the reopened Olive Mount chord line on 6E14 Seaforth CT to Tinsley SS empty steel. To the left and in line with the locomotive was the site of Edge Lane Junction Signal Box. 18th April 2014. Copyright: Doug Birmingham

Approaching the site of Edge Lane Station, is BR Class 37, No 37107 on Tuebrook Sidings to Maghull 'Ballast' train via the North Mersey line. 15th July 1995. Copyright: Doug Birmingham

Taken in 1948, probably just before closure given the station personnel presence, an unidentified LMS '8f' approaches Edge Lane Station with a mix goods train which may have originated from the Docks. These days, nothing survives of the station although the background bridge is still in use today. Copyright: Stations UK. (for further information on the station, please click this link

Passing Newsham Park with Lister Drive bridge in the background and passing the site of Stanley Signal Box and Sidings, Class 47, No 47377 on a Seaforth Container Terminal to Garston FLT 'liner'. 16th June 1997. Copyright: Doug Birmingham.

Passing Stanley Signal Box and Sidings , English Electric Type 4, No D343 (40143) with a short mineral wagon train heading to Edge Lane Junction. Lister Drive bridge is in the background. 19th August 1971. Photograph by J.A.Sommerfield. (For further information on the Station and related sidings, please click this link)

A view taken from Lister Drive road bridge, an ex LNWR 0-8-0 Class G2A and Brake Van approach Stanley Sidings. In the background, a rake of mineral wagons, no doubt previously delivered coal to the near by power station and Newsham Park Hospital. May 1959. Photographer unknown. 

Taken from the same location as the previous image, Newsham Park Hospital and the allotments are still present but the sidings now replaced by nature, Class 47, No 47337 working a morning Seaforth CT to Crewe Basford Hall 'freightliner'. 16th May 1992. Copyright: Doug Birmingham.

Looking north towards Bootle, a view of Tuebrook Signal Box and sidings in August 1971. Photograph by J.A.Sommerfield. (For further information on the station and sidings, please click this link )

Approaching the site of Breck Road Station, and about to cross Townsend Lane bridge, in Loadhaul livery, Class 56, No 56109 hauling 6P97 Walton Old Junction to Seaforth CT 'Cawoods' coal train. In the background is the tower of Newsham Park Hospital. 23rd May 1997. Copyright: Doug Birmingham. (for further information on the station, please click this link )  

An unusual view taken from inside Anfield Cementry, EWS Class 66, No 66197 passes by with 6F10 Arpley Sidings to Gladstone Steel Terminal 'steel' train. The train is about to approach the site of Walton and Anfield Station. 8th March 2010. Copyright: Doug Birmingham. (for further information on the station, please click this link)

Passing the now closed Spellow Station, and having just come out of the 62yd Spellow Tunnel No 1, BR 'WD' 2-8-0 No 90527 hauls a mix goods train. The loco was allocated at Aintree (27B) at this time. 16th June 1958. Photograph; the late J.A.Peden. (for further information on the station, please click this link)

A general view of Atlantic Dock Junction with the line to left going to Canada Dock and the right to Alexandra Dock. On the left is the site of Bank Hall Shed (27A) which is now Kirkdale 'Merseyrail' depot. August 1958. Photograph: the late J.A.Peden. (for further information on the junction, please click this link)

Leaving Oriel Road Tunnel and about to pass Atlantic Dock Junction signal box, Stanier 3P, 2-6-2T, No 40195 of Southport Shed (27C) wants look to be the Southport portion of the Liverpool Lime St to London Euston express. To the extreme right, you are able to see the beginnings of the access steps to street level for the signal box personnel. August 1958. Photograph by the late J.A.Peden.  

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