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The Low Level line in pictures.

(Garston to Arpley)

We would welcome any pictures showing locations along the line.

A BR 'Black 5' No 44740 heading to Liverpool Lime St Station with a down express, (possible ex West Country?) passes Speke Junction. The 'Black 5' was built in 1946 and fitted with Caprotti valve gear, withdrawn in 1963. 27th August 1954. Photo by the late J.A.Peden.

An ex L&YR 'Aspinall' Class 27, No 52232 at Speke Junction on the down slow line with a mix goods train. The locomotive was based at Speke Junction (8B) shed and was withdrawn in September 1959. 25th September 1954. Photo by the late J.A.Peden.

Approaching Speke Junction, No 66082 is about to pass Garston Car Terminal with 6M44 Southampton to Halewood e/auto. Once the train arrives at Speke Junction, the loco will run round the wagons and then head to Halewood. 3rd March 2012. Copyright: Doug Birmingham

On the up fast line near to the site of Halebank Station, Freightliner, Class 90, No 90048 on 4K64 Garston CT - Crewe BH 'liner' speeds pass. 28th September 2013. Copyright: Doug Birmingham

An image taken just east of Ditton Junction on the Low Level line, with the line in the foreground going to what was then the BOC terminal (now Stobarts), a High Speed Train takes the Up main line to Runcorn on 10.25hrs Liverpool Lime St to Plymouth train. 13 January 1990. Copyright: Doug Birmingham  

The infamous Class No 40126, the locomotive that was involved in the Great Train Robbery of 1963 is seen at Widnes West Deviation Junction with short empty car train and about to enter Hutchinson Street Yard. 18th March 1977. Photo: Brian Roberts.

Class 60, No 60014 'Alexander Fleming' hauls a Liverpool Bulk Terminal to Fiddlers Ferry Power station MGR train along the Low Level line approaching the junction at Widnes West Deviation in 1998. Photo by Terry Callaghan.

Photographed from Widnes West Deviation box in 1977, a Class 47 locomotive hauling the Royal Train as 1X01  empty stock working from Edge Hill to St Helens Shaw Street, were it would have take the SH & RGR line from Widnes No7 through to Shaw St. Photo by David Lennon.
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Taken sometime in the 1970's, with the British Oxygen Company plant at Ditton in the background Class 40, No 40015 hauls a train of 16t mineral wagons past Widnes West Deviation towards Ditton Junction. 40 015 had at this time lost its Aquitania name plates, the loco was delivered new to Willesden as D215 on 15th June 1959 and was the first Class 40 (EE Type 4) to be allocated to Edge Hill Shed (8A) in the early 1960's. It was withdrawn on 13th November 1984 and cut up at Swindon works in November 1986. Photo by Graham Earle.

No 47448 is seen shortly after coming off the deviation line and onto the Low Level line. The area around here has changed dramatically since this picture was taken to the point, it would hard to believe other railway lines existed. The loco was delivered new as D1565 on 23rd March 1964 and renumbered 47448 in March 1973 as part of the TOPS scheme. The loco lasted in traffic until 17th May 1991 and it was subsequently scrapped at C F Booth Rotherham on 14th March 1996. Summer 1987. Photo by Terry Callaghan.

With the site of Hutchinson Street Yard behind the train, Class 56, No 56086 approaches Widnes West Deviation and the A533 road bridge with 6E33 14.00hrs Tanhouse Lane to Earles Sidings empty cement train. Today's view has transformed yet again with the exception of the railway line, everything has been swept away with the new Mersey Gateway road and bridge. 18th June 1997. Copyright: Doug Birmingham. 

Having just pass Carterhouse Junction Signal Box, Class 60, No 60097 'Pillar' travelling light engine from Arpley to Tanhouse Lane to collect the empty cement tanks for Earles Sidings. The line in the foreground was part of the original formation before the deviation line was built. At the time of the image it was the connection for the Peak Forest 'stone' trains but was closed and never to be used again. 248h April 1995. Copyright: Doug Birmingham

A Class 31 hauls the Folly Lane to Dalry salt train past the box at Carterhouse Junction. The signalman was to have the train stopped at Fidlers Ferry box due to a tarpaulin coming loose. At this point it is evident that the box is suffering from subsidence and is starting to lean towards the canal. 1998. Photo by Terry Callaghan.

Class 56, No 56054 'British Steel Llanwern' drifts past Carterhouse Junction signal, light engine to Arpley. The loco was new to traffic on 26th January 1979 and was withdrawn in December 2003. 25th October 2001. Photo by Terry Callaghan.

A BR Standard 9F, No 92218 is seen from the box at Carterhouse with an enthusiasts special about to take the deviation line towards Ditton junction in 1968. The loco was new to St Philips Marsh depot on 31st January 1960 and was withdrawn from service at Speke Junction 8C in May 1968. The loco was cut up by Arnott Young of Parkgate in July 1968. Photo by Les Fifoot.

No 66160 heads an empty Fiddlers Ferry to Liverpool Bulk Terminal MGR train towards Carterhouse Junction. The sidings to the left for the train were for the ICI works but had been out of use for many years and now lifted. 24th February 2007. Photo by Terry Callaghan.

Seen from the footplate of a loco running tender first to Warrington passing another freight alongside the Sankey Canal. Taken in 1968. Photo by Les Fifoot.

In Transrail markings, Class 60, No 60056 is seen alongside the Sankey canal about 1000 mtrs east of Carterhouse Junction with a loaded Liverpool Bulk Terminal to Fiddlers Ferry power station MGR train. The lack of an eastbound junction into the power station means these trains must run through to Latchford sidings and reverse to gain entry to the power station loop. 3rd January 2001. Copyright: Doug Birmingham.

EWS Class 66, No 66045 receives the signal to enter Fidlers Ferry Power Station with 7F83 ex 14.11hrs Liverpool Bulk Terminal coal train consisting of ex National Power JNA bogie hoppers. 23rd May 2002. Copyright: Doug Birmingham.

An unknown English Electric Type 4, later Class 40 on a mix van / mineral wagon train heading towards Ditton and passing Fidlers Ferry, while on the right is the St Helens Canal. 22nd May 1971. Photo by J.M.Tolson

An English Electric built Class 50, No 50021 is seen on an empty MGR working, have just departed from Fidlers Ferry Power Station and near to Hall Nook Crossing, Penketh. 6th June 1974. Photo: Brian Roberts

DB Schenker Class 60, No 60092 approaches Hall Nook Crossing, Penketh with 6F78, 11.30hrs Fidlers Ferry Power Station to Liverpool Bulk Terminal e/HTA bogie hoppers. The power station clearly working with the raising steam from the cooling towers, but a scene no more as power station closed in March 2020. 2nd March 2013. Copyright: Doug Birmingham.

Class 47, No 47281 of Crewe Diesel Depot hauls 6L60 Widnes to Stanlow empty tanks past Monks Sidings signal box. The loco was new to traffic on 30th December 1965 to Gateshead and was withdrawn on 17th December 1998 and was cut up by EWS at Wigan Springs Branch on 1st August 2000. 29th May 1987. Photo by David Ingham.

Taken in mid 1980's, Class 20's, No 20178 and 20183 hauling a Fiddlers Ferry bound MGR working towards the crossing at Monks Sidings. The Class 20's were a familiar sight on these workings in the North West at the time and this train is likely to have come from nearby Parkside or Bickershaw Colliery.  Photo by David Ingham.

No 60040 'The Territorial Army' approaches Littons Mill Crossing with a train bound for Liverpool Bulk Terminal. The curvature of the line along this stretch is evident as the line runs through several factories.  2nd June 2011. Photo by Terry Callaghan.

Class 60, No 60057 'Adam Smith' approaches Littons Mill Signal Box and crossing with WOJn (ex Liiverpool Bulk Terminal) to Fidlers ferry Power Station MGR coal train. This part of the line winds its way in between the warehouses and the Lever Bros industrial complex. 28th April 1995. Copyright: Doug Birmingham 

In Transrail markings, Class 60, 60047 threads its way through the Crossfields complex with a train of empty HAA wagons from Fiddlers Ferry power station to Walton Old Junction and eventually to Milford West Sidings.  28th April 1995.  Copyright: Doug Birmingham. 

Class 60, No 60071 'Ribblehead Viaduct'  approaching Slutchers Lane bridge, Arpley with 7F02 12.15hrs Fidlers Ferry PS to Liverpool Bulk Terminal e/coal. The train is approaching the site of Warrington Low Level Station with Bank Quay (WCML) station is in the background above the train. 2nd September 2005. Copyright: Doug Birmingham.

Passing Arpley Junction Signal Box , Freightliner Class 66, No 66544 begins the last leg of its journey from Ferrybridge Power Station with coal to Fiddlers Ferry Power Station. Ferrybridge Power Station had closed and the remaining stockpile of coal was transferred to Fiddlers Ferry in consequence. 16th August 2016. Copyright: Doug Birmingham.

A line up of Class 40's at the holding sidings from left to right 40 033, 40159 and 40163. 40 033 Ex- Empress of England was new to Crewe North on 21st September 1959 it was withdrawn  on 3rd September 1984 and cut up on 1st March 1985 at Doncaster Works. 40 159 was new to Haymarket on 13th September 1961 to Haymarket it was withdrawn on 21st March 1983 and cut up on 1st February 1984 at Swindon Works. 40 163 was new also to Haymarket on 18th October 1961 it was withdrawn on 6th June 1982 and cut up on 1st February 1987 by Vic Berry's, Leicester. 7th February 1982. Photo by David Ingham.

A line up of shunters again at Arpley with 08624, 08356, 08472 and 08273 all in view and were allocated to Springs Branch Depot, Wigan.  7th February 1982. Photo by David Ingham.
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Just crossing the River Mersey, Freightliner 'General Electric' Class 70, No 70011 on 6F02 Ellesmere Port to Fidllers Ferry Power Station coal is on the final approach to Latchford run round sidings. 4th August 2012. Copyright: Doug Birmingham

Seen at Latchford sidings on the 'Ferry Go Round' Railtour are 66095 heading the train with 66197 on the rear. The tour was waiting for 70015 on an Ellesmere Port to Fiddlers Ferry train to run round its train. 20th October 2012. Photo by Robert Callaghan.

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