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The Birkenhead Joint Railway in pictures.

A selection of photographs along the line from Warrington Bank Quay to Mickle Trafford. 

One of the 842 strong Stanier designed Black 5 Class 4-6-0 locomotives is seen arriving at Warrington Bank Quay with an excursion train for Llandudno. Easter 1960. Photo by Harry Arnold MBE / Waterway Images. To view more of Harry's waterway images click here

A Jinty drawing up to the stop signal on the southbound through goods lines at Warrington Bank Quay station. The first box van in the train is worthy of note being marked up as a gunpowder van. 26th August 1961. Photo by Harry Arnold MBE / Waterway Images.

Bringing up the rear of the excursion was 47 270 Swift also owned by the West Coast Railway company. The loco was new to traffic as D1971 from Crewe works on 30th October 1965 it was withdrawn on 28th February 2007 and preserved. 22nd July 2012. Photo by Terry Callaghan.

LMS Crewe built Crab Class 2-6-0 no. 42785 drawing a freight train into Arpley sidings on the original line which was used for all traffic prior to the construction of the embankment and bridge to cross the Manchester Ship Canal which can be seen to the right. After construction of the new line the old had a connection at Walton Junction and was used primarily by freight trains to get to the marshalling yard at Arpley. 42785 was new to traffic from Crewe Works on 8th October 1927 and withdrawn on 23rd November 1962 being scrapped during December 1963. 13th October 1962. Photo by Harry Arnold MBE / Waterway Images.  To view more of Harry's Waterway Images click here

Approaching Moore Lane bridge, Moore, EWS livery Class 67, No 67022 works 1D31 16.50hrs Manchester Piccadilly to Llanduduno 'Arriva Wales' operated train. 23rd May 2018. Copyright: Doug Birmingham

FLHH Class 66, No 66622 passes Norton signal box with 4F03 15.15hrs Fidlers Ferry PS - Ellesmere Port 'e/HTA's'. 21st June 2010. Copyright: Doug Birmingham.

Arriva Class 175 DMU, No 175104 passes the Home signal for Frodsham Junction with Manchester Piccadilly to  Llandudno train. The small signal is for access to the loop line and in the background is Sutton Tunnel. 26th June 2013.  Copyright: Doug Birmingham.

Photographed from Frodsham Junction box is Class 25  D7671 hauling 6Z07 the Fisons weedkilling train in the direction of Chester. New from Derby works as D7671 on 25th February 1967 and later renumbered 25321 under TOPS the loco would be withdrawn on 29th September 1986. The loco was subsequently preserved and is currently undergoing overhaul at the Midland Railway Centre Butterley  12th June 1973. Photo by David Lennon.

Looking as though it has just come off Royal Train duty a Class 25 is seen again from the box hauling 7J60 14:50 Warrington Arpley to Coton Hill Shrewsbury freight. Date unknown. Photo by David Lennon.

With the signal on the main line clear 25 109 will have a short wait in the loop at Frodsham Junction before being allowed to proceed with 8T72 Warrington to Ellesmere Port empty tanks. Note the brake tender directly behind the engine to add brake force. New from Derby works as D5259 on 25th March 1964 the loco would last until 11th March 1987 when it was withdrawn it was cut up by Vic Berry's Leicester on 1st December 1987.  4th September 1974. Photo by David Lennon.

Also photographed awaiting a path in the loop is this Class 47 hauling 6F57 Cowley Hill (Pilkingtons Glass) to Stanlow empty tanks. 5th September 1974. Photo by David Lennon.
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In RES livery, Class 47, No 47772 crosses Frodsham Viaduct over the River Weaver on Peterborough to Holyhead 'railtour' while grain vessel 'Panary' is at the wharf. 15th May 1999. Copyright: Doug Birmingham

On an overcast day, two Fragonset Class 31's No 31602 and No 31459 speed through Frodsham Station with a Llandudno Junction to Carlisle railtour. 19th May 2001. Copyright: Doug Birmingham

25 268 will shortly be passing through Helsby station hauling the BR Gauging train in the Chester direction. New as D7618 from Derby works on 18th August 1966 the loco was withdrawn on 1st March 1987 and cut up at Vic Berry's Leicester on 1st Novermber 1987. 10th June 1985. Photo by David Ingham.

Swindon built Class 120 cross Country DMU passing over the junction directly to the east of the station with 2D35 10:42 Manchester Victoria to Llandudno. 

10th June 1985. Photo by David Ingham.

BR Class 25, No 25 285 is awaiting to depart the Ellesmere Port branch with a welded rail train heading for Warrington. In the meantime, a Class 101 dmu gets the road to depart Helsby Station and passing the Signal Box. 10th June 1985. Photo by David Ingham.

25 321 hauling an empty Freightliner set past the charming station building and signal box at Helsby station. The loco was still plying its trade in the north west 12 years after being photographed from the box at Frodsham. 10th June 1985. Photo by David Ingham.
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DRS Class 20's, No 20312 and 20310 approach Helsby Station with 7C40 15.09hrs Valley - Carlisle 'Flask' train. This train no longer operates as the spent nuclear fuel has now been removed from the decommisioned Valley Nuclear Power Station. 5th May 2000. Copyright: Doug Birmingham.

Taken from the disused 'West Cheshire Railway' line bridge , in EWS liver, Class 47, No 47786 passes the Helsby outer home signal with 1D45 17.19hrs Manchester Piccadilly to Holyhead train on 16th March 2003.  The West Cheshire Railway line joins the Birkenhead Joint Railway line at West Cheshire Junction which is 800 yards to the left of this location. Copyright: Doug Birmingham.

With Hesby Hill dominating the skyline, EWS Class 66, No 66018 is seen on 6J32 15.23hrs 

Arpley Sidings to Chirk 'timber' train at Dunham on the Hill. In the background, to the rear of 

the train, you are able just make out the closed signal box. 11th May 2006. 

Copyright: Doug Birmingham

An image taken with the kind permission of the landowner, an view of Mickle Trafford Signal 

Box while a North West First Class 158 DMU passes by on Manchester to Llandudno train. 

14th May 2003. Copyright: Doug Birmingham.

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