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Allerton Depot - December 2013

In December 2013, the Association had the privilege of an official visit to Allerton Depot, courtesy of Northern Rail while the depot maintained the Class 156 dmu's that were allocated to the depot at that time. It also looked after the daily maintenance of other dmu classes including Class 142 and Class 150 dmu's. When looking at the following images, compare them with earlier images and see how the depot had been transformed. Since then, the depot has gone further refurbishment with the south side of the shed extended and electrified to accomodate the introduction of the Class 319 emu's in connection with the electrification of the L & M line in 2015. 

All images by Doug Birmingham with thanks to staff at Allerton Depot 



A view from the east end and were the offices / store are located to the left. Note the pit road were the rails are on steel  support's and completely lit to given a good view and easy access for the underside of the dmu's. 


Another view of inside, this occasion from the south east side showing how light and spacious it appears to be. In attendance is Class 156, No 156491 receiving some maintenance. The reason for appearing to be almost empty, as most of the fleet were already out on various passenger turns.

With Class 156,  No 156491 in view, this part of the shed has now changed again especially at the far end were it has been extended to allow a Class 319 four car emu fit under cover for maintenance.

Taken from the north west side giving a general view of the five road shed.

A view from the stabling roads, looking towards Liverpool South Parkway Station with the wheel lathe house, centre and to the left Allerton Junction Signal Box which disappeared in 2018.

The depot's stabling roads looking east towards Hunts Cross. The CLC mainline is to the right were the red signal is located.

A general view of the north end of the shed as from the access road.

Inside the wheel lathe house and the 'Windhoff' shunting vehicle which is used to push/pull the various Units in and out of facility during reprofiling of the wheels.

A view of the Allerton Wheel Lathe House with Allerton Junction Signal Box to the left which has now gone and Liverpool South Parkway Station to the right.

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