The 8D Association

The 8D Association is dedicated to promoting the history of the railways of South Lancashire, Merseyside and North Cheshire.

The Association is open to anybody who has an interest in the area.

The Association covers lines within a ten mile radius of the 

Widnes Locomotive Depot (8D).

Updates and developments

The programme of our indoor meetings are now available here

A wonderful shot of Sutton Oak shed on a sunny Sunday 24 April 1938 along with a great line up of L.M.S. locomotives. The shed was coded 24 at this point in time and would be known under several different identities before becoming 8G in 1958. Seen here in its 1880 as built condition prior to the 1950 re-building which saw the roof replaced and a large brick screen built over the entrance.
Photographer unknown. 

A new Flickr image site has now been opened to allow the Association to show off many railway images from its collection to the wider world. This Flickr image site is in addition to this website. Images will feature steam, diesel, electric locomotives, multiple units from various locations in and around Merseyside and Cheshire. Many of these images have been obtained from various sources, including member own collections, as well as 'unknown photographers'. Click on the following link to see the latest uploaded images.

8D Association Photographic Collection

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Dedicated to promoting the history of the railways of South Lancashire and North Cheshire.
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