The 8D Association

The 8D Association is dedicated to promoting the history of the railways of South Lancashire and North Cheshire.

The Association is open to anybody who has an interest in the area.

The Association covers lines within a ten mile radius of the 

Widnes Locomotive Depot (8D).

Updates and developments

The annual 8D Association photographic exhibition is currently being displayed at the Catalyst Museum, Mersey Road, Widnes until 31 May. From June to September the exhibition will be at Widnes library.

Archive copies of the 8D Journal 'On Shed' are now available for electronic download click here

Journey of a Railway Signalman by 8D member Tony Cook is now available in hardback direct from the author click here

8D shed shortly after nationalisation during an organised visit.
3rd July 1948.
Photo by M J Mason.

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Dedicated to promoting the history of the railways of South Lancashire and North Cheshire.
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